Friday, January 8, 2010

Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary Cake

This is the cake that I made for my mom and dad's 50th anniversary in December. Royal icing roses and gold paper leaves. The gold tinsel on top is from the Christmas aisle at Wal-mart, I was having a hard time finding gold decorations so, even though these were supposed to adorn Christmas packages they worked for a cake top and no one even knew (until now that is). Second cake I have made using columns and they keep getting easier! I found the teal paste food color, loved it and wanted to try it out, they really liked it, had a very wintery look to it!
Teal blue and gold 50th wedding anniversary cake

50th wedding anniversary cake winter blue and gold
50th anniversary cake with teal blue roses and gold leaf
50th anniversary blue and gold cake topper

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

Thanksgiving turkey cake. This one was super simple, I used my old Wilton Turkey cake pan and just filled it in with a star tip. My daughter dubbed this the most boring cake I have made in a long time!

Halloween Skeleton in Gothic Coffin Cake

This was the cake for our annual Scary Foods Halloween dinner in 09. The coffin was carved from pound cake using my sheet cake pan and the skeleton was made of fondant. I made each little bone and then set him in using tweezers after they dried, took FOREVER!

Some Random Old Cakes From Years Past

This is a collection of some old birthday cakes that I found.
The little mermaid from my daughters birthday a few years ago.
Some sort of Pokemon creature for my son, I think this was when he was 7, he's 13 almost 14 now.
My oldest daughters 14th birthday cake, she will be 21 in March.
My son's dragon cake from 3 or 4 years ago, we have been doing the Dragon thing for a few years now. This was a little too ambitious for me and my skill level at the time. I have learned a lot since then thank goodness. These dragons were so heavy I was afraid the whole thing would collapse before the party. The kids still thought it was awesome though :)
This was a very simple one but also one of my favorites, the Love Bug! Oldest daughters 16th birthday. Well, she DID say she wanted a car for her birthday that year lol.

Jesus is the Vine Sunday School Rally Cake

I made this cake for this years Sunday School Rally day at our Church. Our theme was "I am the vine, you are the branches" so I went with a grape vine theme. I had to travel 26 miles with this in the back of the van, I got nervous every time I hit a bump, it was a tall cake and even though I had several skewers in it to hold it together I was very happy to get it there in one piece! It was 2 layers of chocolate and 2 layers of yellow cake. I uses my Wilton round wedding pan set, 12", 10", 8" and 6". My husband joked that it looked like a cake for the Olive Garden restaurant!

Big Bass Catch of the Day Birthday Cake

My father in-law is a big fisherman so for his birthday I made this cake, I like to call it the one that got away! The fish is carved from a pound cake that I baked in a loaf pan, the other decorations are made of fondant except for the fisherman, he is by Wilton.

Yellow Roses 50th Anniversary Cake

This is the cake for my in-laws 50th anniversary. This is the first tier cake I ever did with columns. I tried it so I could practice for a wedding cake I am supposed to do later. It was surprisingly much easier than I expected. I had to use candles because I could not find a 50th anniversary cake topper anywhere around here and didn't have time to order one.

Brianna's Pink and Black Zebra Birthday Cake

This is my daughters 18th birthday cake, a pink and black zebra striped, floral collage. Pink and black are her current favorite colors and she loves zebra stripes so I put them together. This was the first time I got to use my new set of fondant cutters for the leaves and flowers. The stripes were a challenge, after I got the whole thing put together I ended up peeling the stripes off and re-doing them to get them the way I wanted them to be.

Vacation Bible School Cake

It has been a really long time since I have posted any cakes so I am trying to get a few up now. This is the cake I did for our Vacation Bible School this year, our theme was Heroes of the Bible. All of the characters are made of fondant. The kids loved it!