Sunday, August 28, 2011

90th Birthday Mum cake

Cake made for a 90th birthday party! Used Wilton tip 81 to make all the mums. Full sheet cake, 1/2 yellow, 1/2 chocolate covere in butter cream.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tow Mater Cake from the movie Cars

This is a cake I did for a friends son's 1st birthday! The theme was Cars so we went with Tow Mater! The whole thing is made from home made pound cake and covered in fondant! Actually one of the easier cakes I've done!
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunflower English Toffee Pound Cake

English toffee pound cake! I used my regular pound cake recipe but substituted Bailey's Irish Creme for the vanilla and added two crushed Heath bars to the batter. However, next time I think I need 3 bars instead of two and I think I will run them through the food processor to make fine crumbs that will just add flavor. I think I didn't crush them fine enough this time and many of the pieces settled to the bottom! It was still very good, I just think it needs more "toffee" flavor. Then I just did a simple basket weave and added sunflowers made from buttercream frosting.
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toffee pound cake

I have been thinking about something for awhile! I make a lot of cakes but they are always "for" something! I want to make a cake just for "fun"! And I love my lb cake recipe but I also would like to switch it up a little. So, this weekend I am going to try putting some shaved chocolate and heath bar pieces in the batter and add a little Irish Cream to it, sort of an English toffee pound cake (except I guess it would be "Irish Toffee") hahahahahaha! Then I'm going to decorate it with sunflowers! We'll see how it turns out!!
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink and Black Country Music Cake

This years birthday cake for my daughter! She wanted pink and black with a country western theme! I did the hat, boots and guitar out of fondant and uses some glitter gel too. This was the first time I tried a high humidity recipe for frosting and I wish I had used it before because it worked so much better than usual this time of year!
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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake.jpg

My daughters Alice in Wonderland cake fro last year! My first topsy turvy cake, I have always worked to make my cakes straight so it was hard to actually TRY to make on crooked! All of the characters are made of fondant.
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Fourth of July Firecracker cake

This years 4th of July cake, complete with M80 firecraker and fountain, bot made of cake and covered with fondant.
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Roses and Ribbon Anniversary Cake

The cake I made for our 17th anniversary. I uses black ribbon and some string pearls on it along with butttercream roses.
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Finding Nemo Baby Shower Cake

A baby shower cake with a Finding Nemo theme that I did for a friend of my daughters. The tallest cake I have done, 8 layers in all! All of the characters were done from fondant. Took me nearly a week to complete them all. I was so nervous about the transport of this one but it made it just fine :)
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Army Tank Cake

An army tank cake that I made for my future son in law when he returned from basic training! The mini version of him is made of fondant.
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Beach By the Sea Lighthouse Cake.jpg

My daughter wanted a beach theme cake for her birthday so I made a layer cake and topped it with a "lighthouse" baked in a deep and narrow copper mold that had the riht shape to it. This was my first experience working with home made marshmallow fondant and while it tasts way better than the store bought it is MUCH harder to work with, unless I did something wrong that is, LOL! I used brown sugar for the "sand", the bottom of the cake was REALLY sweet hahahahaha!
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Carousel Baby Shower Cake

This Baby shower cake was made for a friend at my church. The top was baked in a pyrex bowl and the spindle on the top was actually made by molding fondant into a sea shell candy mold and then put together. I used my wedding cake separators and found baby carriage favors at the dollar store.
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double Barrel Shotgun Cake

My sons 15th birthday cake, a double barrel shotgun. The shotgun shells are made from rice krispie treats and are covered in fondant, I used a comb (new one) to make the ridges in the shells! Although everyone thought those were black "hearts" they are actually supposed to be deer tracks LOL!
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Pink and Blue Roses Wedding Cake

This is a wedding cake I made for my husbands nephew. The roses are make from buttercream and I added strings of "pearls" and baby's breath to it to match the brides bouquet!
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Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake.jpg

Thanksgiving cornucopia cake! Fruit is made of rice krispie treat and covered in fondant.
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