Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just a couple of tips

There are a couple of little tips that I have discovered through trial and error. 1st, if you are making a tall cake, always use pound cake, at least for the bottom layer or 2 depending on how many layers you are putting together. The density of pound cake will support the upper layers and make your cake less likely to collapse. Also, bamboo skewers are perfect for holding layers together, they are alot stronger than toothpicks and a lot less trouble than dowel rods because you don't have to cut them, just break them off at whatever length you need. Another plus, they are super cheap, about $1.97 for 100. One last thing, parchment triangles!! I had always used regular decorating bags but they were such a mess to clean, so then I switched to disposables, much easier to clean but they can get costly, then I tried parchment triangles and was sold on them. They are suprisingly easy to use, it worked for me the very first time, I had no problems with them coming unfolded or with icing squirting out the sides or anything. Also, $5.97 per 100 instead of $3.97 per 12 for the disposable bags. In case you didn't notice a pattern, I am thrifty, my kids call me cheap!!! Hope someone may find these tips helpful.

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